Our experienced KM team can create bespoke steel fabrications Wales wide. For any project, we can craft the structural steelwork you require for your Welsh construction project. With a full UK operation, we are acknowledged as experts in the field. We offer more than three decades of hard-won experience in structural steel manufacturing and a reputation for excellence.

We take time to fully understand your unique requirements, for any specific location throughout Wales. Talk to us about your steel manufacturing needs, whether you require beams or supports, railings, canopies, secure storage – or any other steel components or welding needs for your Welsh project.


Steel manufacturing, anywhere across the Midlands, can be entrusted to the experienced team here at KM Steel Fabrications. Midlands-based clients have used our services for well over three decades, and good reason. As specialists in the field, and with a full UK operation, we take the time to fully understand your steel manufacturing requirements.

These might include support frames or beams, storage facilities or plinths, outdoor railings or canopies – and many other specific steel fabrications needs for your Midlands-based project. Talk to our experts now, no matter the size or scope of your fabrication needs.



When you require steel fabrications anywhere in Scotland, talk to our experts here at KM, an acknowledged steel manufacturing market leader.

We can craft and deliver your unique steel supports, beams, stands, plinths, canopies, railings – and any other manufacturing, welding or engineering requirements. From the far north to the borders,

west coast or east, many Scottish projects requiring steel fabrication work already know they can rely on our specialists in the field; as part of our UK wide operation. For your Scottish steel needs, contact our KM team now.


When you require steel fabrication work, for any project in Northern England, choose KM Steel Fabrications. We have more than 35 years of experience and a fine reputation as specialists in this field. We are the choice for steel manufacturing work throughout Northern England.

Steel fabrication projects might require beams or plinths, steel supports, stands, outdoor canopies or perimeter railings – or many other unique welding and engineering requirements. We take the time to understand your specific project and location needs. And then deliver the finest of results through our UK wide operation. Talk to our professionals about your steel manufacturing needs for any Northern England location now.


Across this region, KM Steel Fabrications, for both Southern England and London, are already providing the standard of product you’d expect from proven specialists in the field, with an established UK wide operation.

No matter your location, our team will work to fully understand the specific requirements for steel manufacturing services for any Southern England: south-west, south-east, or London-based project. You might require support frames or beams. Or stands, plinths or other storage. Outdoors, our work ranges from canopies to railings and much more. Simply contact our experts and tell us about your steel structural and other manufacturing needs.


Structural Steel Work

From beams to support steel work, KM Steel can manufacture structural frames to support buildings or other build assets, with bespoke design to help projects of any size and shape.

UPS Plinths and Battery Plinths

Data centres are the hub of a building, housing telecommunication and computer systems. Because these centres are so valuable and delicate, they need stable and secure storage

Airconditioning Stands

For supports for any air-conditioning unit, no matter the make or size as our stands are fully custom built. We can build stands or supports for any size or weight.

Bespoke Steel Work

From Steel Railings to canopies, if you want it, we can make it. There is no job too big or too small for KM Steel, with over 30 years’ experience in bespoke steel manufacturing.

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