UPS Plinths and Battery Plinths

UPS Plinths and Data Centres

Data centres are the hub of a building, housing telecommunication and computer systems. Because these centres are so valuable and delicate, they need stable and secure storage from their data centre housing unit and plinth.

Here at KM Steel Fabrications LTD, we offer the latest in innovation and engineering. Our plinths and data centres are manufactured with you in mind, tailored to your specific needs. Each is designed for security, practicality, and durability.


Our plinths come in all shapes and sizes to fit your specific requirements, following the design of the false floor plinth.

However, we also include bespoke services for our plinth manufacture. This can include adjusting the modular walkways, constructing integral access, and designing plinths with specific leg spacing to avoid any floor obstacles.

Furthermore, all of our plinths come with a full matching of the equipment dimensions they will be supporting. This means that your final plinth product will always match the exact specification of the object or equipment you need them to support.

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    Customisable features of our plinths and data centres

    As always, we aim to provide you with the bespoke and tailored product you deserve. That’s why our plinths and data centres come with the following product options:
    • Access holes and gland plates for data storage cables in the plinth plates
    • False floor plinth tile supports around the periphery – available as both fixed and removable
    • Guaranteed dimensions to match the equipment or server storage you need supporting
    • Guaranteed colours to match the equipment or server storage you need supporting
    • False floors supplied at heights up to 1500 mm
    • A product-standard height adjustment of 50 mm, as requested.
    • Retaining plates across the plinth periphery to ensure data storage is supported without the risk of falling.

    Examples of Work

    “Take a look at some examples of Battery Plinths and UPS Plinths we have made here at KM Steel. Each project was tailor-made to fit each jobs specific requirements, as we understand no two plinths are the same.

    Make sure to get in touch with to discuss any special requirements you need for your plinths and will be more than happy to give you a quote.”

    Structural Steel Work

    From beams to support steel work, KM Steel can manufacture structural frames to support buildings or other build assets, with bespoke design to help projects of any size and shape.

    Air conditioning stands

    For supports for any air-conditioning unit, no matter the make or size as our stands are fully custom built. We can build stands or supports for any size or weight.

    Bespoke Steel Work

    From Steel Railings to canopies, if you want it, we can make it. There is no job too big or too small for KM Steel, with over 30 years’ experience in bespoke steel manufacturing.

    Variation design groups

    Here at KM Steel Fabrications LTD, we understand that your business is unique and that means that the products you require ought to be unique too.

    We have a standardised plinths which can be adapted or customised to fit your precise needs. We also offer tile supports, top-plate and gland plates, which are positioned to suit unit glanding.

    Speak to our advisors about which plinth design group or variation will work best for your business.

    Why you should choose K M Steel Fabrications LTD

    KM Steel Fabrications LTD is a specialist in the field and offers full UK operation. Our niche and specialist company manufactures stands for air conditioning units and plinths to support the full weight of physical data server storage units.

    Call now for your top-quality bespoke plinth storage unit.